Monday, October 09, 2006


Today i went to Emergency Dept in NUH due to severe gastric pain. i started to have gastric pain last night at about 10pm. Initially i didn't really take this gastric pain seriously. i thought it's just a mild condition due to indigestion. i continue to have fruits, some chips and a few sips of Sarsi gassy soft drink from hubby before going to bed.

When i went to bed at about 11pm plus, i start to feel that the pain didn't go away but become more severe. Besides gastric pain, my whole lower stomach also stone up which is rather normal these few days. All these make me very uncomfortable. i can't sleep at all. i kept turn around on bed until 1am plus when hubby finished his computer work and come to bed. i told him about my condition, he made a glass of milk for me and we hope this will help. However, the pain didn't relieve and the whole night i can't really sleep due to the pain. At about 5am this morning, hubby poured me some hot water and gave me one tablet of Actal antacid. Initially i reluctant to eat any medication but the pain is rather unbearable. So i have to take it. But i still feel the gastric pain despite the medication and my stomach still feel very hard. Besides gastric pain, stomach hardening, i still feel severe back pain. i just feel whole body uncomfortable and start to have headache when i woke up.

We decided to go see doc this morning. But i am indecisive to go emergency or YIH doc. Finally we decided to go emergency despite higher charge and the expected longer waiting hour as i thought the doc in YIH will refer me back to NUH due to my 37 weeks pregnancy.

We registered and waited in the emergency for more than 1 hour before i can see the doctor. The doctor examined my stomach and said pain at that position should be gastric. He said my enlarged lower stomach/uterus may give pressure to my stomach and cause the pain. He wanted to give me injection to relieve the pain. i was very worried as i don't want to have any medication to interfere my pregnancy as i afraid this will affect bang bang tang. So i ask can i opt out the injection.

Dr Liu said he will call my gynae Dr James Lee and inform him about this and mention to him the medication that he will subscribe to me. i have to wait outside again and after 15 minuts of waiting, Dr Liu said Dr James Lee also agree me to take the gastric medication but no injection. He wants me to take the medication and monitor the pain. Hubby did mention to Dr Liu that i have gastric problem before but after taking actal tablet, the pain can be subsided but not this time. And the persisitent pain make us worry. Dr Liu wanted me to take the medication first and monitor. If the pain didn't subside by tomorrow, i shall go back to emergency dept to see him again.

After taking my medication, hubby packed me lunch and i caught a cab back home to rest. i have taken two dosage of the medication by now. The gastric pain did relieve a bit but didn't go away totally. On and off i still feel the pain and rather worry. i really hope my gastric pain can recover by tomorrow or i have to go emergency to see doc again tomorrow.

But what i worry most is that the gastric medication. i really hope the medication i took won't harm bang bang tang. Bang bang tang, mummy is very sorry. Hope you can continue growing healthily in mummy's womb and mummy can get well soon and won't affect you too much.

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