Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here comes little little lollipop, Ke Xin (可欣)

Have to write this blog in English as i still not used to the Chinese software in my home notebook.

Our little little lollipop, Ke Xin (可欣) met us on 18th July 2008, 10:12am in NUH.

On last Thursday afternoon, i went for my usual weekly check up. After the checking, doctor informed me that the uterus neck still fully closed and i should not be delivered soon. But at the same evening, i discovered leakage of water.

Thus at 9pm, Jen Yan accompanied me to delivery suite. After cheking, doctor said the uterus neck is still completely closed but the water bag has burst. Thus they inserted a small pill to soften and quicken the openess of the neck. At 12am as the uterus neck was still closed, the nurse wheeled me up to the ward to rest while Jen Yan went back home to sleep.

At 3am, i feel contraction and when the pain is unbearable, the nurse wheeled me down to the delivery suite for epidural pain relief. Poor Jen Yan has to rush back to the hospital. At 5am plus, the anathesia gave me the epidural injection. Before that i was experiencing great pain and the nurses said the uterus neck is only 4cm opened. i really can't imagain the pain that a mother has to experience when in labour (the uterus opens for 10cm). i am sure if not given epidural, i will sure pain until faint...

At 9am the next morning, the gynae came to see me and he said he had an emergency surgery to do and will come back to me in half an hour time. At that time, my uterus neck was 7cm opened and i still can rest in peace due to the epidural effect. At about 10am, Dr. Lee finally came and i can start push out my baby under the guidance of the nurse. After less than 10 pushes, we managed to meet little little lollipop. Jen Yan managed to cut the umbelicial cord of Ke Xin under doctor guidance. And i feel so relieved that i have completed my "task" finally:)

Jen Yan has uploaded little little lollipop photos at his website. Feel free to browse through them.


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